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Fat Flush Plan

Recent Entries

6/15/05 11:42 am - katie_psy4 - progress on June 15

Starting Weight: 178
Current Weight: 163
July 3rd Goal: 155
August 9th Goal: 144
Long-Term Goal: 130/133

Other Goals:
Reduce Cellulite!
Tone up
Fit into all clothes...

6/12/05 08:04 pm - katie_psy4 - Fat Flush Plan

Well, maybe we could rejuvenate this site with at least two members. In the meantime, I'm just going to track my progress and motivation level. I exersized today for the first time in a YEAR so I'm pretty proud of myself. I went to a power yoga class for an hour. I was shaking so much that I thought I'd fall over a few times but I managed not to embarass myself too much.

Today is my seventh day on the Fat Flush Plan & I've been pretty good about it. Here's a sample day (today):
-long life cocktail (cranwater w/tsp psyllium)
-cup hot lemon water
-smoothie w/cup of cranwater, cup of frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup jicama(bad addition!), 2 tbsp lemon juice, cinammon, scoop of whey protein,
& 2 tbsp ground flaxseeds
-a peach
-salad w/greens, carrots, broccolli, cabbage, & 8 oz chicken
-salad dressing w/2 tbsp flaxseed oil, 2 tbsp lime juice, cayenne pepper & garlic salt (not supposed to have salt but it's killing me)
-long life cocktail (cranwater w/tsp psyllium)

That's probably going to be all for today because I'm so full. The power of that flaxseed oil to fill you up is amazing. I just started making smoothies yesterday & they've been fabulous for working in the whey protein & ground flaxseeds. I can't even express how much better I've been feeling with this plan. I want to tell everyone I know about it but I doubt they're interested to I've confined all that to my boyfriend. The only thing he'll agree to so far are the smoothies but I'm working some other things in slowly.

This is only my 7th day on the plan and I'm down from 175 lbs to 164 lbs. I thought it was just water weight but the fat is just falling off my midsection (thank goodness)... The best thing about it though, really, is the way that I feel. I cannot believe how much more energy I have. That alone makes it totally worth it to continue. The only major drawback I've found with this plan is the cost of some of the products... like the lemons, apple cider vinegar, flaxseed oil, frozen fruit, etc.

So, that's my commentary on the fat flush so far... Let me know how you're doing!

6/12/05 05:00 pm - sarcasmintended - This is a test

This is a test to see if I can work this community posting thing. If it works I'll be back to do more!

5/25/05 01:06 pm - katie_psy4 - Introduction

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to introduce myself to y'all. I'm a 25/F graduate student in clinical psychology. I've been in an extremely stressful doctoral program for the last three years. During that time, my mother was also diagnosed with cancer & died within eight months. I went through a two year depression during which I gained forty pounds. I've gone from a size 6 to a size 12. Now I've even developed a binge-eating problem... ugh. Neither Atkins nor Weight Watchers have worked for me. My father's girlfriend has had alot of success on the Fat Flush plan so I thought that I'd give it a try. It seems very healthy! The binge-eating junkfood has really taken a toll on my health over the past 6 months so I'm VERY ready to get healthy.

Today is my day off so I'm going to go out and try to find some of these things on the list. I may not be able to find everything today so I'm just going to start with the basics...


12/2/04 09:10 am - esthete - Day Two


My Phase 1 Goal:
To not have all my dress pants size 14-16 be tight

My Phase 1 Reward:
Hour Long Massage

Meals, Beverages, & Snacks
Upon Rising: Life Long Cocktail
Before Breakfast: Om Green Tea with Lemon
Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie
Midmorning Snack: Veggies
Before Lunch: Cranwater
Lunch: Salad, Cottage Cheese, Sunflower Seeds,
Midafternoon Snack: Cranwater
4 pm Snack: Baked Veggies Chips
Before Dinner: Cranwater
Dinner: Veggie Fajita with beans, avocado, sour cream, and salsa
Midevening: Cranwater

Organic High-Lignan Flax Seed Oil with GLA and other supplements

Still haven’t dug out a tape – I’m less concerned by measurements and weight lost than the way I look and feel.

Food for Thought:
The eggs I brought for lunch weren’t throughally cooked so I ate some dairy and sunflower seeds, since I already ate dairy I had a bit of sour cream on my fajita

Health & Wellness Notes:
Headaches are gone. Feel a bit cranky and slow.

Bouncing :)

Sleep Time:
11:00 pm

I did pretty well today, need to bring more snacks to work so I don’t scramble for something.

Daily Acknowledgment:
Still didn’t eat sugar, I’m amazing!

12/1/04 09:16 am - esthete - Day One

Phase 1
My Phase 1 Goal: Have my dress pants not fit tightly (sizes 14-16)
My Phase 1 Reward: Hour long massage

Meals, Beverages, & Snacks
Upon Rising: Life Long Cocktail
Before Breakfast: Om Tea with Lemon
Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie
Midmorning Snack: Cranwater
Before Lunch: Cranwater
Lunch: Santa Fe Salad
Midafternoon Snack: Cranwater
4 pm Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs
Before Dinner: Veggies
Dinner: Fruit Smoothie
Midevening: Veggies with Salsa

High Lignan Flax Seed Oil with GLA

Food for Thought:
Quitting smoking has given me confidence about my powers of self-control.

Health & Wellness Notes:
Felt tired. Maybe sugar withdrawal?

Exercise: None, would like to start with daily yoga and power walking.

Sleep Time: 11:30 pm

Need to go to bed at 10 pm and start exercizing. Otherwise it was a good day.

Daily Acknowledgment:
Avoided all coffee, sugar, bread, etc which is a big step for me. :)

11/29/04 09:55 pm - esthete - Tomorrow's Menu

Life Long Cocktail

Hot Lemon Water

Berry Smoothie (Whey protein powder, 1 cup of Berry Blast, Flax Seed Oil w/ GLAs, Stevia, water to mix)


Romaine Lettuce with chicories, broccoli, baby carrots, and cauliflower topped with Dressing.


2 Hard boiled Omega-3 enriched eggs


Pomegranete Smoothie


Life Long Cocktail

11/29/04 09:16 pm - esthete - The Day Before

I went shopping tonight at a local co-op for all the supplies I need to begin the FFP. I had heard it was expensive, but my total was only $120 including a few items I picked up for my husband as well, so the damage wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I am a vegetarian, so I made a few modifications the first being to drink 2 smoothies a day. I also hate using a blender, so instead I am substituting Naked Juice, which has a bit of banana puree in it but everything else is ok. So I will be using a cup of that instead of fresh or frozen fruit. It's a little more fruit than necessary, but the ease will keep me motivated on the plan, so I figure it's worth it.

I am giving up coffee. Without cream in it, I can't be bothered so I am switching to OM Green Tea Blend and Yogi's Detox Tea with Dandelion Root et al. The OM has a little caffeine so hopefully I won't go into withdrawls.

I thought I would hate the taste of flaxseed oil, but it's quite flavourless except a little nutty. I made a salad for tomorrow topped with flax seed oil, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, cayenne, garlic, and a few herbs and it's pretty tasty.

I am hoping it goes well. I am motivated to do a detox and liver cleansing diet. I have some weight I could lose but I am afraid I have been on medication in the past that has been horrible to my liver and wreaked havoc on my metabolism. I am only 23 but feel like I could be in better health. I also quit smoking 6 weeks ago and so am detoxing from that as well.

11/29/04 09:08 pm - esthete - Blank FF Journal Entry

Phase __
My Phase __ Goal:
My Phase __ Reward:

Meals, Beverages, & Snacks
Upon Rising:
Before Breakfast:
Midmorning Snack:
Before Lunch:
Midafternoon Snack:
4 pm Snack:
Before Dinner:



Food for Thought:

Health & Wellness Notes:


Sleep Time:


Daily Acknowledgment:
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