Read 'em and weep, honey! (beautifulday72) wrote in fatflushplan,
Read 'em and weep, honey!

Hi everyone. After hearing several friends rave about the Fat Flush Plan, I'm getting ready to give it a try. I've read about thirty pages of the book - I'd like to get through the whole thing before starting. Although I have a very supportive boyfriend, I could use encouragement and motivation from all possible sources, so I'm joining this community. Thanks for being here! :)

In short:
- I'm an attorney, so I've endured a lot of stress over the past number of years.
- My sleep patterns are extremely irregular.
- I've had binge eating problems in the past, and I'm always just one or two steps away from them.
- My mother died at the hands of compulsive overeating, which I suspect was triggered by sugar sensitivity/insulin resistance/fatty liver/etc. I WILL NOT die the way that she did.
- I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which is thought to be caused by insulin resistance.
- I've been on antidepressants for a year or so. I gained approximately 20 pounds after starting the SSRI that was initially prescribed to me, so I recently switched to Wellbutrin, which belongs to a different drug class and is not linked to weight gain.
- I've been on birth control pills for close to a decade.
- I'm a coffee junkie.
- I could stand to lose 80 pounds or so, and my own dieting and working out like a crazy person haven't been doing it for me lately.
- I'm an "apple" body type. I'm looking forward to shedding weight around my midsection, which is my most troublesome spot.
- I'm psyched about how good the Fat Flush Plan will make me feel, and can't wait to start the detox and liver cleansing! :)
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