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fatflushplan's Journal

Fat Flush Plan
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Welcome to the Fat Flush Plan community. This is a community promoting healthy weight loss following Ann Louise Gittleman's book, The Fat Flush Plan. No pro-eating disorder posts will be allowed. I want this to be a safe and supportive community.

Feel free to post anything relating to the FFP: questions, journaling, milestones reached, recipes, before and after pictures, etc.

The FFP as according to Ann Louise:
"My program is not a high-protein or high-fat program. It is a cleansing and detoxification program that features good fats from essential fatty acids as part of daily protocol. It features lean and clean proteins, phytonutrient-dense veggies, and moderate fruits and thermogenic herbs and spices, cooking broth, and the use of cranberry. I feature functional foods that are not just good for short-term weight and inch loss. These are good for your whole body, skin, hair, nails, heart, joints, etc., for the long haul.
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