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It has been a long and arduous journey on this fat flush plan but I have to let you guys know (even if the community isn't so active) how WELL this is working out for me. I started following the FFP and all that ALG preached around Christmas time with i stepped on the scale and it read *TILT!*. No really, I hit 181 which was an all time personal high weight. I paniced and my mom bought me the Fat Flush hardcover and the Fat Flush Foods soft cover. I started loosely with the Fat Flush foods and then after my disney vacation in mid-January decided to full on fat flush. The transition was terrible but I almost immediately lost 10 lbs (water weight, i'm sure). It was hard to move on from there. As a college student living in a house full of partiers I was drinking every night. I didn't realize how much my drinking was holding me back. A few months later I recieved some criticism from a peer/enemy that rocked my weight-loss world: I wasn't trying hard enough (That was March 24th, to be exact). I went full-on fat flush from a weight of 175 and never looked back. I even decided to start taking ALL of the supplements ALG reccomended.

When I first started I was a VERY tight size 12 jeans and VERY tight size 14 dress. Now the other day I just bought a SIZE 10 dress and I'm wearing my SIZE 8 jeans! I know it may not seem that much to some people but I'm telling you people that this has really worked out for me. I've never felt better, my skin is soft and supple, I'm busting cellulite, and my self esteem is through the f-ing roof!

I guess I just want to let people know that however expensive or hard this diet may seem, it is the safest, best way to lose weight. I hope more people find this out and have successful weightloss.

good luck to anyone still fat flushing!!!
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