Alicia (thiswillwork) wrote in fatflushplan,

Its a shame this community isn't active (or so it seems). I just created this journal because i'm vowing to start the Fat Flush Plan. My mother gave me the books for a Christmas present because she knows how i've been struggling with my weight for the past year or so.

I blame birth control... but my weight gain is also due to over eating and eating terrible foods (i.e. mcdonalds).

If anyone reads this... I have a question:
ALG says that birth control is super bad for proper liver function etc -- is there any birth control that would be *better* than the one I was previously taking (Camila BBR - Progestin Only Pill)??? I want to go on some kind of low dose hormone... something that won't make me blow up again. Whats the point of being on birth control if it makes you so unattractive that you can't get laid?!? heh. sorry.

Help me out, guys!
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