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Fat Flush Plan

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1/22/09 11:04 am - crazyhistorian - Master Cleanse Diet

Has anyone ever heard or tried the master cleanse lemonade diet? I am thinking of trying it, but want to get opinions from others who have tried it or perhaps know people who have tried it.

Master Cleanse Diet

3/12/07 04:46 pm - crazyhistorian - Newbie!

Hi everyone!

I just joined the community, and will begin the Fat Flush plan (again) tomorrow...hopefully. I may start next Monday. How far along is everyone else?

1/20/07 09:43 am - julesong

Heeeeelllloooooo? (Hellooo-helllooo-hellloooo-helllooooooohhhhhh)

Anybody here? (Annnybody heeere-hhhere-hhhheeere-heeere)

Echo! (Echo-echo-echoooh)

1/19/07 11:43 pm - julesong

In comments in earlier posts, some folks were talking about the slow growth and activity of this community. So I have questions. :)

What have folks done to promote the community, and to educate others about the Fat Flush Plan? I hadn't even heard about the program until I stumbled upon it today...

1/19/07 11:08 pm - julesong

I just joined this community. I had weight loss surgery in 2004, and it definitely changed my life - in some ways better, in some ways worse. I'm looking for a plan to rebalance my life, and just found info on Fat Flush. So I've joined the community and am looking into it all. I already eat pretty healthfully in most ways, so that's a start. I'm bad at exercising. I don't drink alcohol.

I've seen references at this site to "FF curry powder" and such. Are these commercial mixes, or recipes? I don't see them listed in the condiment area of that forum.

I'm also pretty darn broke these days, but am still interested in looking into this program. Any suggestions? I can't even afford to purchase one of the books right now...

(I know there are things I can do right away. No caffeine. I don't eat many processed foods, but I'll cut down even further. Stuff like that.)

Update: I checked my PayPal and EBay, and got a copy of the book for under $5 including shipping. Shiny!

Another update: neat links I've found...
Fat Flush iVillage Recipe Archive
Dodgema's recipe pages
A good forum discussion on Fat Flush from people who're not usually FFers...

5/16/06 07:35 pm - thiswillwork - Success!

It has been a long and arduous journey on this fat flush plan but I have to let you guys know (even if the community isn't so active) how WELL this is working out for me. I started following the FFP and all that ALG preached around Christmas time with i stepped on the scale and it read *TILT!*. No really, I hit 181 which was an all time personal high weight. I paniced and my mom bought me the Fat Flush hardcover and the Fat Flush Foods soft cover. I started loosely with the Fat Flush foods and then after my disney vacation in mid-January decided to full on fat flush. The transition was terrible but I almost immediately lost 10 lbs (water weight, i'm sure). It was hard to move on from there. As a college student living in a house full of partiers I was drinking every night. I didn't realize how much my drinking was holding me back. A few months later I recieved some criticism from a peer/enemy that rocked my weight-loss world: I wasn't trying hard enough (That was March 24th, to be exact). I went full-on fat flush from a weight of 175 and never looked back. I even decided to start taking ALL of the supplements ALG reccomended.

When I first started I was a VERY tight size 12 jeans and VERY tight size 14 dress. Now the other day I just bought a SIZE 10 dress and I'm wearing my SIZE 8 jeans! I know it may not seem that much to some people but I'm telling you people that this has really worked out for me. I've never felt better, my skin is soft and supple, I'm busting cellulite, and my self esteem is through the f-ing roof!

I guess I just want to let people know that however expensive or hard this diet may seem, it is the safest, best way to lose weight. I hope more people find this out and have successful weightloss.

good luck to anyone still fat flushing!!!

2/8/06 06:59 am - the_rad_one - Easy lunch idea

I do prepacked greens with tuna alot, no cooking just dump it together add some lemon juice and flax and your good.

1/9/06 10:42 am - thiswillwork

Its a shame this community isn't active (or so it seems). I just created this journal because i'm vowing to start the Fat Flush Plan. My mother gave me the books for a Christmas present because she knows how i've been struggling with my weight for the past year or so.

I blame birth control... but my weight gain is also due to over eating and eating terrible foods (i.e. mcdonalds).

If anyone reads this... I have a question:
ALG says that birth control is super bad for proper liver function etc -- is there any birth control that would be *better* than the one I was previously taking (Camila BBR - Progestin Only Pill)??? I want to go on some kind of low dose hormone... something that won't make me blow up again. Whats the point of being on birth control if it makes you so unattractive that you can't get laid?!? heh. sorry.

Help me out, guys!

7/23/05 03:28 pm - _less_0f_me_

Hey all. I am new to the community. I haven't begun the Fat Flush Plan yet but I do plan on starting it shortly.

About me : I am a 20 year old female. I have been overweight for most of my life (minus 2 years in high school). I have tried almost every diet known to man. From Atkins to Weigh Watchers and most in between. My dad even made me try hypnosis - that was a bust. Anyways, as of now I am about 240 pounds and only 5'4" so it's safe to say that I have a lot to lose. I am not terribly unhealthy -  but I get low blood sugar when I don't eat and that's when I have a cold sweat, get a headache, and shake; I am sure my chlosterol is up, and my periods have been abnormal since 2005 began (I have only had 4 periods in since the beginning of 2005). I also think I am lactose intolerant because I have finally been able to connect my terible stomach aches and diarrhea which result after I eat/drink something with dairy.

I was wondering how everyone has been doing on this Plan. I am a little weary about it, because I have a feeling I won't be able to follow it exactly and I don't like a lot of vegetables. And how terrible are the Long Life Cocktails and Cran-Water drinks? Was/Is it hard to follow all of the different phases?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


7/5/05 08:04 am - beautifulday72

Hi everyone. After hearing several friends rave about the Fat Flush Plan, I'm getting ready to give it a try. I've read about thirty pages of the book - I'd like to get through the whole thing before starting. Although I have a very supportive boyfriend, I could use encouragement and motivation from all possible sources, so I'm joining this community. Thanks for being here! :)

In short:
- I'm an attorney, so I've endured a lot of stress over the past number of years.
- My sleep patterns are extremely irregular.
- I've had binge eating problems in the past, and I'm always just one or two steps away from them.
- My mother died at the hands of compulsive overeating, which I suspect was triggered by sugar sensitivity/insulin resistance/fatty liver/etc. I WILL NOT die the way that she did.
- I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which is thought to be caused by insulin resistance.
- I've been on antidepressants for a year or so. I gained approximately 20 pounds after starting the SSRI that was initially prescribed to me, so I recently switched to Wellbutrin, which belongs to a different drug class and is not linked to weight gain.
- I've been on birth control pills for close to a decade.
- I'm a coffee junkie.
- I could stand to lose 80 pounds or so, and my own dieting and working out like a crazy person haven't been doing it for me lately.
- I'm an "apple" body type. I'm looking forward to shedding weight around my midsection, which is my most troublesome spot.
- I'm psyched about how good the Fat Flush Plan will make me feel, and can't wait to start the detox and liver cleansing! :)
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